Before we begin understanding Return Oriented Programming let's first understand the need for Return Oriented Programming.

The Need for Return Oriented Programming

Let's First Kick off with the most basic buffer overflow technique used in exploiting the machines.

The main idea in any of the exploit development is to somehow compromise the system, we use different…

As enticing as the topic of today’s article is, we will be understanding the underlying concepts of how one becomes NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM by just executing Getsystem (Incase one has a meterpreter foothold) or PowerUp(PowerSploit Module), in a nutshell — Debunking the magic Meterpreter performs to get you the highest privileged…

Talking about red teaming and scanning images for vulnerabilities inside a containerized environment is a very tedious task at hand. Lets first talk and understand what would we do conventionally? Well, I for one would first start scanning each application running as a service inside the container. I would then…

Mihir Shah

I make things, I break things and I make things that break things

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